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Aug 12, 2010
Some tips on placing a GPS in a car

As we all know, car gps navigations have become indispensable tool for car driver. But improper placement of your gps units may distracted your contradiction from driving. So it's very critical to place gps where is of ease to access, for the functionality of the system and driving safety. Here is we give some tips. 

1.Almost all of current gps car navigation systems are self-contained, with maps stored internally and satellite reception antenna stored inside the unit itself, compared with old ones which required external antenna.GPS units requiring line of sight to acquire satellites are used for position triangulation. Base on this theory, the exact method is to place gps unit on the dashboard, low on the windshield, or in a mount that raises the unit high enough to have a clear view of windshield.This will help with gps reliability. 

For automotive safety, it is essential to keep your eyes on the road. It is a good idea to keep the car dvd nav visible by using a windshield mount.but that is just below your line of sight. Using dashboard mounts,you are able to keep your eyes on the road while having a quick glance at the gps unit for reference. Some gps device could be mounted in a similar visual position as your car radio, and also tend to work well. But it needs a long time with eyes not being focused on the road.

The ideal situation is that you set up a destination before you drive the car. In some cases, however, you may need to make some adjustments to the gps. In these or those situations, you should make sure the gps system is mounted within range of easy right-hand access. Making changes to gps will take attention away from the road than referring to the unit turn-by-turn directions.

Posted at 05:50 am by sdtears
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Detailed Introduction to GPS


GPS is now widely applied for car such as car DVD NAV, specialty and cell phone, etc. It receives signals from GPS satellites, and the quality of signal is determined by many factors, like solar radiation, atmosphere conditions and terrain.


Generally not all signal from the satellite gets through to your GPS, the signal scattering is usually from vegetation, sometimes from terrain, buildings, or other objects between you and GPS satellite. 


There are a lot of styles for GPS receiver in the market, including cell phone GPS, general outdoor GPS, fitness GPS, specialty GPS and car GPS units.   


General Outdoor GPS


Outdoor GPS is widely used in outdoor activities like hunting, travelling, climbing, etc. It is well designed to fit in the palm of your hand with integrated electronic compass and barometric altimeter, some applies touch screen and integrated camera.


An electronic compass functions like a real compass, with the electronic compass, you not only know the direction you are heading for, but also know the specific location.


The barometric altimeter is to determine altitude by air pressure, its accuracy rests on calibration frequency and weather. The weather condition will cause the barometer to show slightly higher or lower elevations, but calibrating more often at known elevations can minimize error.


Fitness GPS


Fitness GPS is mostly used to record the progress of exercises. It records important data in exercises and track improvement. Some includes a heart rate monitor, with which you can track heart rate according to elevation, speed and so on. With separate devices, it is difficult to relate the two kinds of data. Besides, some cycling receiver includes a cadence sensor to collect cadence data. Fitness receivers also have option to report elevation values with a barometric altimeter. 




GPS car navigation systems are a very hot electronic device to the market these years, it can tell you where you are, how to reach the destination, choose the shortest or fastest route. Thus, you can avoid the traffic jam and go down the right path.


Additionally, some car GPS supports Bluetooth technology so that you can use the GPS in conjunction with your cell phone, reports traffic and weather instantly, plays audio files.

Posted at 05:49 am by sdtears
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Different car GPS nav Systems Comparison


Today more and more people driver buy car gps nav systems to determine the location, direction and speed of the car. The car gps navigation has become indispensable gadget for driver when getting to a another strange towns. Usually, GPS systems can be installed into dashboard of a car, or carried as a portable device. They often feature text-to-speech, display options and maps and traffic. The following give you some tips of comparison of different auto gps systems.

1.the system comparison

Some gps navigations are needed to installed into the car, while others are portable and can be moved from car to car. Usually the installed systems have larger screen than the portable ones and have more features such as weather updates but could not be taken with you if you travel in another car. But the portable one can do this.


 2. text-to-speech options comparison

Compare text-to-speech options. A lot of gps units can speak directions like "in 5 miles turn left." some others now can use text-to-speech to tell you the road names in the directions like "in 5 miles turn left on to new York No.1 street." It is helpful for driver to know what street you are looking for without taking eyes off the road.


 3.display appearance and size comparison

 Usually the installed car dvd gps nav systems have five to seven inch displays, while the portable ones with two to three inch displays. Beside this, view the gps screen both during daylight and in the dark to make sure it is visible in any light.


4.traffic and weather updates comparison

Some gps systems contain traffic and weather updates for free for a period of time while others offer subscriptions. Beside these, some units will show latest movie times.


5.map update service comparison

If you travel aboard frequently, you should pick up a gps unit which is able to download foreign maps. And if you prefer in a developing area, a gps unit including a free map update may be your best choice.



Posted at 05:49 am by sdtears
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In-car GPS system make travelers more convenient

Nowadays GPS navigation systems have became a necessity for car drivers and its not as new invention as most people think; they have been widely used ever since the first GPS satellite was launched into space .but its not only used for navigation but for entertainment such as car DVD NAV.

Though, GPS systems for cars are not that complicated than it for airplane. Transportation by car is dependent on the roads that are traveled. During many years development for automobile GPS navigation system, industry has tried various ways to implement them. For example certain company introduced car navigation system that was based primarily on an accelerometer, not on GPS. After some innovation, Automobile GPS Navigation systems had yet to really commonly apply. Since then more portable GPS systems have been equipped with more creative functions.

GPS car navigation systems parts

Car GPS Navigation System is made up of receiver and a map database. Some advanced systems also have drive DVD or TV to supplement when drivers want to listen to music and so on.

The database map displays the street names and addresses. Some devices have are more human-oriented, it can set the specific locations, such as points of interest. Sometimes you drive to a very good service of restaurant, but it’s the first time you go there. If you want to eat at that nice restaurant next time, you can set the points of interest instead of remembering the location.

Other Applications such as business

Some transportation corporations use GPS navigation system within their vehicles track vehicles avoiding their employees to cheat their boss or other purposes. In many countries, taxis come equipped with a car DVD NAV, so that taxi company staff can track their cars location effectively and accurately and it can entertain passengers too.


Posted at 05:49 am by sdtears
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How to remove a headrest from a S10 Pickup Seat

When you buy new seat covers or want to install a headrest monitor in your Chevy S-10, the last thing you are thinking is that removing the headrest will be difficult. Depending on the year and model of your S-10, you might have a fixed headrest, one that is adjustable by pressing a button or one that is adjustable by squeezing the posts together at the top of the seat. No matter which style of headrest you have, you can remove a headrest from an S-10 pickup seat in about an hour.


      Fixed Headrest


      Step 1


      Release the back of the seat, and fold the seat forward so you can reach the bottom of the back support.


      Step 2


      Remove the seat cover. If your cover is leather or cloth, you will find snaps or a zipper at the bottom of the back-support portion of the seat. Undo the fastener, and slide the cover off. If you have a carpeted board backing your seat, press along the edges of the board to pop it out of the retaining clips, and remove the board.


      Step 3


      Cut the fixed headrest off the frame of the seat body, using a reciprocating saw.

      Adjustable headrest monitor with Button Release


      Step 1


      Reach under the headrest, and depress the release button. The button will be on the base of one of the support posts for the headrest. Hold the button in, and pull the headrest up as far as it can go.


      Step 2


      Insert a small nail into the hole on the side of the plastic base of the support post (which side it will be on varies by S-10 model year).


      Step 3


      Press the nail into the hole. This will release the internal stop clip, and then you can remove the headrest completely.

      Adjustable Headrest (No Release Button)


      Step 1


      Release the back of the seat, and fold the seat forward so you can reach the bottom of the back support.


      Step 2


      Remove the seat cover. If your cover is leather or cloth, you will find snaps or a zipper at the bottom of the back-support portion of the seat. Undo the fastener, and slide the cover off. If you have a carpeted board backing your seat, press along the edges of the board to pop it out of the retaining clips, and remove the board.


      Step 3


      Reach up inside the frame of the seat, and depress the retaining clip holding the flip down monitors in the seat. Pull the headrest out of the frame.



Posted at 05:48 am by sdtears
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How to Buy a Swivel Headrest Monitor?

If you've ever gone on a road trip with a child, you know it's only a matter of time until they start asking when you'll get there or arguing with each other. It's simply a fact of life. Swivel headrest monitors are a great way to keep the kids entertained in the car. They can watch their favorite characters and movies. You can travel in peace.




Step 1

Determine what size and what kind of monitor you want. They typically range in size from 5 inches to 10 inches. If you have one child who'll watch it, 5 inches Headrest Monitor or 5 inch flip down TFT LCD monitor is probably fine. If you plan to have them share it, opt for a larger inch.

Step 2

Research swivel headrest monitors or flip down TFT LCD monitor, so you know what to expect when you're ready to buy. They tend to run between $200 and $400 and are easy to install. Some include a built-in DVD player. Others can be hooked up to travel DVD players.


Step 3

Read product reviews. Many websites offer customers the opportunity to give their opinion on a product. This can help you make a choice.


Step 4

Familiarize yourself with the product's features. Most swivel headrest monitors come with remote controls and brightness/volume controls. Other features include a wide screen display, headphone jack and video inputs..


Step 5

Find a reputable dealer, either in-store or online. There are many websites that offer swivel headrest monitors. They are also available at several big box and electronic stores.


Step 6

Consider buying an additional package. Some dealers offer under-seat or dash-mounted DVD or VCR packages. These run an additional $300 to $500.


Step 7

Add a second Monitor at a discount. Some websites allow you to purchase a second headrest TFT LCD monitor/TV for 10 percent off. This is a great idea if you have a few children and want each one to be able to view their own monitor.

Posted at 05:47 am by sdtears
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Aug 10, 2010
What about select a cool gadget as a gift for best friends?

Nowadays, With the development of life, people pay more attention and time on celebrating the important and special day, such like good friend’s birthday, special anniversary with your lover, father’s day & mother’s day, valentine's day and so on. At this time, select a beautiful and meaning gift become a popular way to express our love. Usually, cool electronic gadgets, fashion small adorn, beautiful dress&hat are good choices for gifts.


My good friend kitty’s birthday is coming next month, she is my best friend ,we share everything happy and sad, when I am in down mood, she is the only one who can fully understand me. It’s rare. Now, it’s her birthday. I want to select a special and nice gift to her which can express my best regards. On the other hand, I also hope the gift is useful and meaningful.


I spent a lot of time to search the on line store, indeed,there’re many beautiful and special design things. like the cool USB gadgets, It has many different shapes like black rose diamond shape USB, smart 3-port USB, Jeweled Metal Lock Shape USB which I like very much too, at that time, I want to select it as the gift directly until I find one kind of cool gadgets, the fashion black eagle LED watch .


It’s waterproof, anti-shock, antimagnetic and colourfast.In colorway of black dial plate; watchband in black, white, red and white lines. Lightweight and convenient taken. I am shock!!! That’s it. She always want to buy a watch. The former one has lost when she is

taking the bus. Think of this,I bought it and packed it very nice. Sent it to my friend by courier and make sure that she can receive it on her birthday time.


After somedays, she told to me that she was so happy and moving when received my gifts.


I believe we both will cherish our friendship forever also hope we will cheerful all the time.

And boys and girls. How about you? what kind of the gifts you usually select for your friends? Sincerely hope everybody can enjoy our life!

Posted at 02:14 am by sdtears
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